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Sharpening Mower Blades

The mild temperatures and moderate rainfall makes tall fescue thrive during the spring. We aerate and seed during the fall to repair any areas and help with soil compaction to provide better pore space allowing your lawn to breathe more. Come spring in our climate, tall fescue is in its second growing season for new ..Read More »

Getting your mower ready for the spring season

Can you believe it is already time for some lawns to be mowed? To ensure that you have a successful and headache free mowing season, spring preventative maintenance of your lawn mower is the single most important aspect of your preparation. Preventative maintenance of your mower is very easy and will help to insure that ..Read More »

Cold Weather Injury

Cold weather injury is one of the most prevalent causes of plant injury that is seen yearly. It’s one of the most under diagnosed issues as typically the damage is not seen until the spring when the event that caused it is long forgotten. Wilting leaves and a thinning canopy may be seen in a ..Read More »

Don’t forget about your mower!

Prepping your mower for enduring a long mowing season is one of the most important tasks that homeowner who values a nice Virginia Green lawn can do. There are a few key items that I like to focus on when getting my mower prepped for spring. I will always change out the spark plug. This ..Read More »

Prevention Is Key – Pre-Emergent Weed Control

You’re getting ready to head out on a summer time cross country tour to see your great aunt Sue in your 1992 Ford Explorer named Sue that’s, no doubt been with you since your freshman year in college, and what’s the one thing you always do before you embark on that 3,000 mile round tripper? ..Read More »

Why Is Lime Important For Virginia Lawns?

Most lawn care chores have to be carried out during certain times of the year. Adding lime to the lawn is one of those chores that can be done at any time.  Liming is also one of the cheapest ways to improve soil conditions. Soils in Virginia are naturally very acidic.  Soil pH’s of 4.5 to ..Read More »

Deer Damage of Trees and Shrubs

Deer are one of nature’s creatures that roam through most of our neighborhoods.  They may or may not damage your trees and shrubs.  Some damage is not well seen, while others are very noticeable.  The best way to protect against deer damage is to protect your plants from the damage.  We will mention three ways ..Read More »

What happens to your lawn during the winter

In a climate like we have in Richmond, VA, grasses usually go dormant and have a tan appearance in the winter. Shorter days and colder temperatures slow down grass growth. Older grass leaves will die in continuous cold and the lawn will look brown. This will occur with all grass types including tall fescue and ..Read More »

Keep Off the Grass!

The Effect of Frost to Lawns The first frosts of the season have begun.   What does this mean for your grass? Luckily, grass can stand up against frost. Frost almost always thaws and evaporates later in the same morning that it forms. Frost upon blades of grass is harmless, but keep in mind frost is ..Read More »

Storage of Your Lawn Care Equipment

Winter is almost here. That means putting the lawn mower and string trimmer and blowers and all other lawn maintenance equipment away. Here are a few tips to follow when you are storing your small engines for a few months. This is a tip that you can use throughout the year and during the winter ..Read More »

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