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What happens to your lawn during the winter

In a climate like we have in Richmond, VA, grasses usually go dormant and have a tan appearance in the winter. Shorter days and colder temperatures slow down grass growth. Older grass leaves will die in continuous cold and the lawn will look brown. This will occur with all grass types including tall fescue and ..Read More »

Keep Off the Grass!

The Effect of Frost to Lawns The first frosts of the season have begun.   What does this mean for your grass? Luckily, grass can stand up against frost. Frost almost always thaws and evaporates later in the same morning that it forms. Frost upon blades of grass is harmless, but keep in mind frost is ..Read More »

Storage of Your Lawn Care Equipment

Winter is almost here. That means putting the lawn mower and string trimmer and blowers and all other lawn maintenance equipment away. Here are a few tips to follow when you are storing your small engines for a few months. This is a tip that you can use throughout the year and during the winter ..Read More »

Soil Sampling a Lawn in Midlothian

How does soil pH affect turf health and growth? Soil pH is an important chemical property because it affects the availability of nutrients to grass. Nutrients (both macro and micro) supplied to a lawn as part of a maintenance program will be utilized most efficiently and will have the best impact if the pH of ..Read More »

Fall is a great time to mulch!

Many people replace or renew their mulch in the fall. This is a great time of year for mulching, here are a few reasons why: Mulching your beds help to suppress weeds, keeps the soil warm in the winter, and conserves water. Mulching also helps to reduce stress on plants with shallow roots and improves ..Read More »

What’s the best grass seed for my lawn?

A great lawn begins with selecting the best turf type tall fescue variety and establishing it from seed or sod. Selecting the best type of seed for fall core aeration and over seeding is a simple process if you understand several factors. National Turfgrass Evaluation Program (NTEP) The National Turfgrass Evaluation Program, Inc. and the ..Read More »

Top 5 Reasons to Be Happy it Rained after your Lawn Care Application in Richmond

1. Granular application products need to dissolve to work Granular fertilizers and granular lime products are broken down and pushed into the soil by rainfall and irrigation. Even heavy rainfall for prolonged periods will not wash away granules in turf. The small pellets are caught between grass blades, thatch and root mass. Remember, if your ..Read More »

The Boxelder Bug

Wow, the hot and humid days of summer are over and so are the insect pests. Not true. There can be pests on your landscape plants throughout the year. They may not be in the life stage that is actively feeding on your plants, but the pest may still be there. Photo credit: University of ..Read More »

Don’t Stop Watering

Time to stop watering? NO IT IS NOT! Fall is here and many of our customers have the same question-is it ok to stop watering? NO! Now is the prime growing season for your fescue lawn. Your grass is working hard to repair itself from the stress and heat of the summer and to prepare ..Read More »

Leaf Removal

Have you ever wondered why there is no grass on the forest floor? There is just a bunch of dead and decaying leaves that creates a non-sustainable environment for grass. The same can happen to your lawn without regular leaf removal overtime. One of the main needs of grass to grow favorably is light. When ..Read More »

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