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The Tent Caterpillars are out!

Our Tree and Shrub Manager states that we are seeing signs of the Eastern Tent Caterpillar active in our area, not to be confused with bagworms or webworms. They build “tent” like nest in the crotches of the trees where they feed. These caterpillars are leaf chewers, and while they can defoliate a tree when ..Read More »

Take Your Lawn to Work!

We are proud to offer our customers top quality lawn care services.  A great lawn isn’t only for your home.  Are you a business owner looking to keep your property appearing it’s best at all times?  Do you want your property to reflect the quality and personality of your business?  Our goal is to make ..Read More »

Sharpening Mower Blades

The mild temperatures and moderate rainfall makes tall fescue thrive during the spring. We aerate and seed during the fall to repair any areas and help with soil compaction to provide better pore space allowing your lawn to breathe more. Come spring in our climate, tall fescue is in its second growing season for new ..Read More »

Precious Pets

Calling all pet owners! It’s time for our Annual Precious Pets Contest! Every Spring we look forward to seeing your pets spending time outdoors and enjoying your beautiful lawns. It’s now time to show them off. As many of you know, pets are a big part of our Virginia Green family. With this in mind, ..Read More »

Do you suffer from allergies?

An early taste of spring this year was unwelcome news to those that suffer from seasonal allergies as pollen counts increased earlier and impacts may be felt for a longer period of time this season.  The warmer winter could alter the timing of the peak of allergy season, triggering symptoms for allergy sufferers sooner than normal. According to ..Read More »

Easter Is Right Around The Corner

Daffodils and tulips have begun poking their heads through the ground, cherry blossoms are in full bloom, temperatures are warming up and of course, your Virginia Green lawn is looking fabulous! This can only mean one thing – Easter is just around the corner! Did you know that 120 million pounds of Easter candy are ..Read More »

Pruning Boxwoods

Boxwoods have been used in American landscapes since colonial times.  They are found in a lot of the older neighborhoods of Richmond, Charlottesville and Williamsburg and are being found in some of the newer ones. Boxwoods are beautiful shrubs which add texture and form to the landscape.  Often used as a hedge, they can form ..Read More »

The Benefits of Fertilizing Trees & Shrubs

Small trees and shrubs are fertilized to stimulate growth and maintain vigor. Most soils not disturbed by construction have plenty of nutrients to help with plant growth. The factors causing most tree and shrub problems are not nutritional but heavy clay soils, poor drainage and incorrect planting. Since most urban environments have been disturbed by ..Read More »

Getting your mower ready for the spring season

Can you believe it is already time for some lawns to be mowed? To ensure that you have a successful and headache free mowing season, spring preventative maintenance of your lawn mower is the single most important aspect of your preparation. Preventative maintenance of your mower is very easy and will help to insure that ..Read More »

January 2018 Lawn of the Month Winners

We want to announce this year’s first Lawn of the Month Winners for January! First we have the Jones family from Mechanicsville. They are currently on the premium program and started with Virginia Green last year. For January, their lawn is really showing a beautiful dark green carpet. Next, we have the Everly family of ..Read More »

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