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What do Virginia Green employees do during the winter?

WINTER TIME = TRAINING TIME We are often asked, “what do your employees do during the winter when you can’t treat lawns?” Virginia Green utilizes these cold weather days, when we are unable to treat lawns, as time to train both our new and existing employees. This training can take many forms. Our warehouse employees spend ..Read More »

Snow on Your Trees and Shrubs

After a heavy snowfall, have you ever thought about removing heavy snow from the branches of your trees and shrubs? There are two thoughts about this question. We will discuss both of them here. One thought is to leave the snow on the branches. This allows the snow to act as a natural insulator for ..Read More »

Prepay Letters

A new year is here and we are in the midst of sending out prepay letters. Keep your eyes open for an email from us with ways to save money. If you do not have an email address on file, please call our office and add it to your account. Of course, if you don’t ..Read More »

Best of Virginia 2018

Do you think Virginia Green is the best around? Virginia Living is holding their Best of Virginia competition for 2018 and we want you to vote for Virginia Green! All over Virginia, people are voting for their favorite shops, restaurants and services. Here is your opportunity to let us know what you think about Virginia Green. Take ..Read More »

December 2017 Lawn of the Month Winners

Last month was still strong for our Lawn of the Month competition! With lots of entries, it was hard to choose. If you weren’t chosen in 2017, remember, it’s a brand new year! This year, we will have even more chances to win. Richmond will be selecting three winning properties this year, with Charlottesville, Williamsburg ..Read More »

Where do the insects go for the winter?

Where have all the insects gone, long time passing?  Where have all the insects gone long time ago?  Where have all the insects gone, gone to hibernation everyone?  Like the old Peter, Paul and Mary song about where all the flowers have gone, the insects have gone a similar, but yet different path.   Young girls ..Read More »

What happens to your lawn during the winter

In a climate like we have in Richmond, VA, grasses usually go dormant and have a tan appearance in the winter. Shorter days and colder temperatures slow down grass growth. Older grass leaves will die in continuous cold and the lawn will look brown. This will occur with all grass types including tall fescue and ..Read More »

November 2017 Lawn of the Month Winners

We would like to announce our November Lawn of the Month winners. We got many entries and the competition is fierce. For our first property, we have the Lawyer family from Henrico. This is their first year with Virginia Green and they are currently on the Estate Program. With their entry, they wrote, “We put ..Read More »

October 2017 Lawn of the Month Winners

October was a great month for beautiful lawns! We are proud to announce last month’s Lawn of the Month winners. For our first winning property, we have the Grim family from Mechanicsville. This is their first year with Virginia Green and they are currently on the Premium Program. With their submission, they wrote “trust me, ..Read More »

Keep Off the Grass!

The Effect of Frost to Lawns The first frosts of the season have begun.   What does this mean for your grass? Luckily, grass can stand up against frost. Frost almost always thaws and evaporates later in the same morning that it forms. Frost upon blades of grass is harmless, but keep in mind frost is ..Read More »

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