Spring Lawn Care Information

» Warm weather is rapidly approaching, and soon conditions will be right for the onset of Brown Patch disease (Rhizoctonia), the most serious disease for turf type tall Fescue. Virginia Green is monitoring weather conditions and lawns for the first sign of the disease. Evening temperatures (above 40 degrees F) with high humidity (greater than 75%) during the day for extended periods trigger the development of lawn diseases. For our customers on the Estate Lawn Care Program we will soon begin the first of three fungicide applications designed to prevent disease damage to the lawn. Those customers on our Premium Lawn Care Program, who wish to switch to the Estate Lawn Care Program for this protection, should contact our office for more information and pricing.

Brown Patch disease develops and persists throughout the summer depending on temperature and rainfall. Patches can range in size from 3 inches to as large as three feet, and many times grow together causing the lawn to have a brownish appearance. Dark lesions on the leaf blades take on a tan color in the afternoon. Lawns in full sun with poor drainage and heavy clay soils are most susceptible.

Several cultural practices may help prevent this disease from affecting your lawn. First, mow your lawn later in the day after the grass is dry. This helps prevent the spread of the disease by the mower. The second is to water your lawn in the early morning before 7:30 a.m. and use deep watering cycles, several times per week. Third, raise the cutting height on your mower to the tallest setting possible. This helps minimize the unsightliness of the disease and the damage to the grass.

» Spring is here! Lawns are looking lush and green, and the trees and shrubs are in full bloom. Now is the time to begin watering if you are not already doing so. We suggest watering two to three times a week, putting out .75” to 1” of water with each session. Grass requires 1 to 2 inches of rain or irrigation per week. Now is also a good time for a little mower maintenance, make sure you have a sharp blade and raise the deck to the highest setting. You should not start mowing until the grass starts growing and reaches heights of 4 – 4.5 inches.

» If you have not yet had a chance to remove any remaining leaves and debris from your lawn, we strongly suggest that you do so now.

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