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Twospotted Spider Mites

Posted on July 10, 2018 by Virginia Green in Lawn Care, Lawn Insects & Pests, Newsletter Announcements This plant pest attacks a broad variety of plants, including annual and perennial flowers, many deciduous shrubs and some trees such as maple redbud and tuliptree. The twospotted spider mite is not an insect, but rather a mite, which is similar to a spider. These mites are about the size of a period on a page. Their bodies are oval with eight legs. They are greenish yellow with a black spot on each side of the body in the growing season. Eggs are white to yellow. Adult females overwinter in bark cracks or mulch. There are several generations per year. ...Read More

What is Root Rot?

Posted on July 10, 2018 by Virginia Green in Lawn Care, Newsletter Announcements, Tree & Shrub Care Root rot is a condition found in both indoor and outdoor plants with poor drainage. As the name states, the  roots of the plant rot . Usually, this is a result of overwatering.  The excess water makes it very difficult for the roots to get the air that they need causing them to decay. To avoid root rot it is best to only water plants when the soil becomes dry. Once root rot is identified you must determine if the plant can be saved.  If the entire root system has already become mushy, it is too late to save the plant.  However, if some healthy, white, firm roots exist, ...Read More

Things To Do On Your Lawn

Posted on July 10, 2018 by Virginia Green in Newsletter Announcements Most everyone loves to be outdoors and enjoy their lawn. But, did you know there are countless things to do on your lawn? There are things to do from mowing, to playing, to just relaxing on your lawn. Here we are going to talk about a few things you can do to enjoy your lawn. First we will start with some of the fun things to do on your lawn. Entertaining friends and family is a big part of using your backyard lawn. Families and friends have picnics, cookouts, fire pits, along with games such as croquet, corn hole, bocce, ...Read More

How Do I Manage Sedge in My Flower Beds

Posted on July 10, 2018 by Virginia Green in Lawn Care Sedge can be a nuisance in the lawn, but can be equally if not more frustrating when populating your flower beds. It is very unsightly when your carefully planted annual and perennials are invaded by this tall grass like weed. What is Sedge? Yellow nutsedge is a perennial plant that resembles grass in our lawns and beds. Yellow nutsedge has thicker and stiffer leaves than grass. The leaves grow in from a stiff triangular base.  Growing in sets of three, these grasses will have a flat or rolled base.  Nutsedge leaves are waxy and smooth, with a prominent crease in ...Read More

May 2018 Lawn of the Month Winners

Posted on June 5, 2018 by Virginia Green in Lawn Care, Lawn of the Month, Newsletter Announcements Competition is really heating up with our Lawn of the Month submissions! We want to thank everyone who submitted a photo. If your lawn was not chosen this month, please try again next month! First on the list we have Heiry family in Henrico. They have been with Virginia Green for 8 years now and are currently on the Estate program. With their submission, they wrote, "Our lawn is weed free & looks beautiful. Many compliments from our neighbors." We are happy to hear that and the lawn looks fantastic! Next we have the Cramer family in Yorktown. They have ...Read More