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It’s Been Wet but Dries Out Quickly!

Posted on June 5, 2018 by Virginia Green in Lawn Care Oh what happened to those cooler days of April or those more reasonable seasonal days of May? Some folks are probably wishing for those lazy crazy days of summer. What did we get? We got hot, humid, sultry, sticky, icky dog days of June, that's what we got. What can we do to hydrate ourselves? Drinking plenty of liquids like water, yes water. Well our landscapes need water too. How much should we give them? When should water our landscapes? Let start with when should we water our landscapes. The turf, trees and shrubs should be watered in the very ...Read More

Have you noticed your arborvitaes turning brown?

Posted on June 5, 2018 by Virginia Green in Lawn Care, Lawn Insects & Pests Have you noticed your arborvitaes turning brown? Do you see pine cone like objects hanging on the branches and they appear to be moving? After closer observation, do you notice a dark brown to black caterpillar sticking its head out? What is this caterpillar? This is no ordinary caterpillar. It is a native bagworm moth larvae. Adult male moths are about 3/4 inches long and black. They are made with females in their bags, which look like cones hanging from the host plants. The mature female larvae in their bags are one to two inches in length. The silken bags ...Read More

Lawn Disease and Our Estate Program

Posted on June 5, 2018 by Virginia Green in Lawn Care It's that time of year where the temperatures outside are rising and lawn disease needs to be prevented.  Disease is prevalent during moist/humid, hot weather.  Brown patch, also known as rhizoctonia blight, is most active when grass remains wet and temperatures reach 80 to 90 degrees. If your lawn gets dark, water-soaked looking grass turning into browned-out circular areas several inches to several feet in diameter, it has been struck with disease.  Some green leaves may persist within the patch, and roots remain intact. In addition, blades may have irregular ash gray lesions with a dark brown margin running along one side.  ...Read More
Boxwood Leafminer

Boxwood Leaf Miner

Posted on May 1, 2018 by Virginia Green in Lawn Insects & Pests, Newsletter Announcements You are worried about your boxwoods, because there appears to be something mining the inside of the leaves. You could try calling the seven dwarfs to help you control them.  They are most likely boxwood leafminers, which can be a major pest of the boxwoods.  The leafminers don't have picks and shovels to mine the leaves of boxwoods, but they do eat away the inside of the leaves. This pest is a small fly that was imported into this country many years ago.  The adult is a orange-yellow mosquito-like fly.  They swarm about boxwoods in mid to late April for ...Read More
Lawn of the Month

April 2018 Lawn of the Month Winners

Posted on May 1, 2018 by Virginia Green in Lawn of the Month, Newsletter Announcements As always, we are very pleased to announce our April Lawn of the Month winners. The competition is really getting heated as we get into the spring months. Thank you for everyone who submitted a picture this month. If your property was not chosen this time, remember to submit every month for your chance to win! Our first winner for April belongs to the Anderson family in Mechanicsville. They have been with Virginia Green for 2 years. They are very satisfied with their service. They wrote “We couldn’t have gotten this far with our lawn without Virginia Green.  We were ...Read More