Thank you for signing up with Virginia Green Lawn Care. We look forward to providing you a quality lawn and developing a long term relationship. This information sheet will help answer questions we are frequently asked. Please feel free to call us anytime at (804) 285-6200 (Richmond), or (757) 258-1788 (Williamsburg), or (434) 975-0100 (Charlottesville), or (540) 903-2593 (Fredericksburg) for more information and seasonal conditions.

Who is Virginia Green?

Virginia Green Lawn Care is a locally owned, independent company servicing Richmond, Williamsburg, Charlottesville, Fredericksburg, and the surrounding counties. Our employees are highly trained, skilled workers and most have been servicing lawns for years. All of our employees have a current State of Virginia pesticide license and certification in Turf and Ornamentals.

Services We Perform

Virginia Green specializes in applications of fertilizers and pesticides. We apply different combinations of products throughout the year to maintain a healthy, beautiful lawn. Virginia Green also offers a program for Ornamental Trees and Shrubs which includes fertilization, insect and disease control.

Application Methods

The majority of Virginia Green’s services are liquid applications which provide fertilizer, weed control, fungicides, insecticides and pre-emergents in a liquid form. Lime and fall fertilizer applications are granular. All of our equipment is calibrated daily and product usage is recorded for each Territory Manager. Liquid applications will not be visible, and some of the granular applications are difficult to see. Virginia Green’s Territory Managers are experienced and trained professionals. Our average lawn can be completed in as little as ten minutes, but rest assured the work was performed correctly. Daily calibration as well as daily inventory reporting means the right amount of product was utilized for your lawn. Once treatments begin, services will be completed approximately every four to six weeks.

Using Your Lawn After an Application

After an application, when the turf is completely dry, the lawn can be used by people and pets. We use surfactants and stickers to increase the effectiveness of our products. Once these dry, the products Virginia Green applied cannot be removed. Please refer to instructions left with each individual service for more specific instructions about watering and mowing.


Mow a fescue lawn on the tallest mower setting. Virginia Green recommends cutting between three to four inches for best results. Cutting continuously below this height encourages weed growth, Bermuda grass (wiregrass), and other grasses. Clippings can either be removed by bagging or left on the lawn. Recycling the clippings returns the nutrients into the soil and helps with the development of beneficial organic matter.

Watering Instructions

Water your lawn and landscape in the morning. We recommend 4 a.m. to 9 a.m. as the best time. This allows the water to penetrate into the soil and the leaves to dry before it gets too hot. Apply as much water as you can at one time without causing run-off and then wait two to three days before watering again. Watering two to three times per week should fulfill your lawns water needs. Place small cans in the lawn to catch water and measure your sprinkler output. You should catch 3⁄4” of water in each can per watering. This will indicate if you are delivering sufficient water and you are getting even coverage. This is important whether you have an irrigation system or use garden hoses.

Invoicing and Payments

After an application, the invoice and an information sheet will be left hanging on your door. Payment for a completed service is due upon completion. After 31 days your account is considered past due and a finance charge will begin to accrue. This may interrupt additional scheduled services to your lawn or landscape. Accounts more than 60 days past due are subject to collection by an outside agency. Payments can be mailed with the return envelope provided to you or by calling us at (804) 285-6200, or (757) 258-1788, or (434) 975-0100 when using a credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Virginia Green can also securely store your credit card number on your account and automatically charge you for a completed service. An invoice will still be left on your door, but the remittance will state this service will be charged to your credit card on file. Additionally, we offer the ability to make payment for completed services on our website. The steps for registering your account can be found under the Manage Account section at the bottom of our website.

Services carry over each year and you will be notified by letter of any changes to your service for the next year. This letter will also offer the opportunity to pay for the upcoming years services in full and receive a discount. This opportunity is good from mid-December until the end of January.


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