Premium Lawn Care Program

Virginia Green’s first-class lawn care specialists only use the very best in premium grass seeds, weed control products, lawn fertilizers, and other lawn maintenance services, all within our Premium Lawn Care Program.  Our lawn care specialists are the best with controlling weeds, lawn fertilization, crabgrass control and, last but not least, broadleaf weeds.

Did you know that Virginia Green’s Premium Lawn Care Program provides complete fertilization and weed control throughout the year? The seven-step Premium Lawn Care Program utilizes both liquid and granular applications to maintain healthy, weed-free turf grass.

The Premium Lawn Care Program applications are completed throughout the year on a six-to-seven-week schedule.  These lawn care treatments control crabgrass and broadleaf weeds as well as provide lawn fertilizer at the correct time.  This program, coupled with your good watering and mowing efforts, provides your turf grass with all the basics for a beautiful and healthy lawn throughout Virginia’s growing season.

Premium Lawn Care Program Details

    • Premium Lawn Care Application One  – Late January through March

Our first lawn care visit promotes early spring green-up and weed control.  The lawn care application consists of a complete lawn fertilizer, pre-emergent crabgrass control, and broadleaf weed control.

    • Premium Lawn Care Application Two – March through April

The second lawn care visit will improve the color as well as density of your lawn. The lawn care application consists of a complete lawn fertilizer, pre-emergent crabgrass control, and broadleaf weed control.

    • Premium Lawn Care Application Three – April through June

This lawn care treatment contains slow release lawn fertilizer and post-emergent weed control.  This lawn care application maintains color throughout the summer and provides consistent growth of cool season grasses.

    • Premium Lawn Care Application Four – late June through August

This treatment is a liquid application containing post-emergent broadleaf weed control and a herbicide to control nutsedge. This application will help further control both annual and perennial warm season weeds.

    • Premium Lawn Care Application Five – August through September

Early fall lawn fertilization will improve damage from summer stresses.  Soil sampling determines the need for additional phosphorus.

    • Premium Lawn Care Application Six – October through November

Fall lawn fertilization continues to thicken the lawn and strengthen root development.

    • Premium Lawn Care Application Seven – November through December

Lawn fertilization services and weed control to clean up the lawn before winter. This helps control winter annuals before spring, allowing the turf grass to fill in early in the spring.

Virginia Green can also perform a soil test for our Premium Lawn Care customers for a small fee.  This soil sampling includes: collection of a sample, interpretation of the results, and follow-up with the customer.

We take pride in providing our customers with excellent lawn care services.  Virginia Green Lawn Care Company is the answer to any lawn care problem, implementing our own innovative lawn care style by practicing both traditional and modern lawn treatment solutions.

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