Four Ways We Protect


Our certified technicians take great care in diagnosing diseased trees and shrubs, making recommendations for how to best water and prune your plants, as well as the placement of new plants. We look forward to partnering with you to make your entire landscape healthy and vibrant.

Disease Protection

With its hot and humid summers, Central Virginia provides an ideal environment for fungus to grow and injure your landscape. Virginia Green knows local plants and their potential diseases, proactively applying materials to reduce infections. Our technicians identify issues and make suggestions to improve the overall health of your landscape.

Insect Protection

Insects can slowly desiccate trees and shrubs while fast-chewing pests damage foliage, making plants or even an entire hedge appear barren. Virginia Green can provide a comprehensive plan to proactively control insects of all types while monitoring and eliminating new ones.


Virginia Green developed our tree and shrub fertilizer to maximize plant growth and bloom potential. Our technicians precisely apply this formula so as to continually feed your trees and shrubs over the course of ten months, enabling healthy plants to withstand stressful winter and summer conditions.

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