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What Are Ladybugs Doing in My House?

Why Are Ladybugs In My House During the Winter? Have you ever wondered why you find ladybugs in your home during the winter? They seek warmth to hibernate during the cold winter months, entering your house through small cracks along window sills, doorways and under clapboards. Ladybugs gather in groups when they hibernate, so if ..Read More »

Don’t Shut Your Irrigation Off Just Yet!

At Virginia Green Lawn Care we get questions daily from our customers regarding watering. “How much should I water?” “When is the best time to water my lawn and landscaping?” But the most important question this time of year is, “when should I shut off my irrigation system for the year?” As you know, fall ..Read More »

Why are there so many acorns?

George F., from Ashland asked, “Why are there so many acorns?” We have been bombarded by acorns over the last week. Not just a few, but hundreds and hundreds of nuts. The weather was perfect for oaks were in bloom in 2016. As such, we’ve had an unusually high set for acorns in 2016. The ..Read More »

My tree is dropping leaves already, should I worry?

I have noticed that quite a few trees appear to be dropping their leaves early this year.  We have a maple tree in our yard that has dropped almost half its leaves while another maple next to it looks fine.  If you have trees that are shedding their leaves early, you may be wondering what ..Read More »

What Are Armor Scales?

David M. from Charlottesville asked, “My neighbor said my trees are infested with armor scales. Can you tell me what that is?” Armor scales are one of the many pests that damage our landscapes. They don’t get much notice themselves because they don’t look like normal insects. Most are flat or may look like a ..Read More »

What’s that white powdery stuff on my crape myrtle?

“What’s that white powdery stuff on my crape myrtle?” It’s confectionery sugar. It’s talcum powder. No, it’s powdery mildew. What is powdery mildew? It is a fungal disease that attacks some trees and shrubs in our landscape. It is fungal spores that typically appear on new growth shoots, mature leaves and sometimes flowers. Infected parts ..Read More »

I’m Seeing Mushrooms in My Lawn – HELP!

“While mowing my lawn this weekend I saw some mushrooms.  Why are they there and what do I need to do?” This is a fairly common question posed to Virginia Green Lawn Care, and with all of the moisture we have been seeing in our area, mushrooms are popping up.  Mushrooms appear when something in ..Read More »

What is dogwood anthracnose?

May was certainly a wet month. The recent showers along with cool temperatures have been bringing anthracnose to flowering dogwoods. What is dogwood anthracnose? It is a serious fungal disease that attacks flowering dogwoods in cool wet weather when leaves are present. Drought and winter injury weaken the tree and make it more susceptible to ..Read More »

When is the best time to apply grub control?

A nice fescue lawn requires some work, and one factor not to be overlooked is the control of white grubs. Damage from grubs can result from grubs feeding on the roots of the grass. June is the best month to apply grub control. A Grub’s Life Cycle Most white grubs have similar life cycles. The ..Read More »

Gloomy Scales – Why are my trees so bare?

Peter T. from Crozet asked, “My trees are looking a little bare, what could be causing this?” One cause for trees looking a little bare could be gloomy scales. Gloomy scales can be found on maples, especially the soft maples (boxelder, red maple and silver maple), and cause significant damage over time if not detected ..Read More »