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Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is based around giving thanks for our family, friends, homes, jobs and all of our blessings. There really is no better name for this holiday than Thanksgiving! Pilgrims had a good harvest and were thankful that they had made it to the New World and were actually surviving and prospering. So, in order to ..Read More »

Soil Test Will Begin Soon

Virginia Green Lawn Care will soon begin taking soil samples from lawns on our Estate Lawn Care Program to send off to the lab for testing. If you are a customer on our seven application Premium Lawn Care Program, and would like a soil test performed, we would be happy to provide one for only ..Read More »

How to Properly Mow Tall Fescue Grass

One of the easiest ways to help promote a healthy lawn is to practice proper mowing habits. The ideal mowing height for Tall Fescue is 3.5-4 inches. As most homeowner lawn mowers do not cut higher than this, Virginia Green Lawn Care recommends always keeping the mower deck at the highest possible setting. Check the ..Read More »

Winter Treatments for Spring Lawn Insects

Here at Virginia Green, we are applying winter treatments now to prevent spring lawn insects. There aren’t many pests in our landscape that are active in the winter, but we can take steps now to reduce their activity in the spring. Removing Leaves Helps Prevent Lawn Pests I always recommend for homeowners wanting to rid ..Read More »

Fun, Easy, and Inexpensive Halloween Lawn Decoration Ideas

Halloween is right around the corner and there is many ways you can spruce up your lawn and bushes to get in the spirit! There are many decorations available on the market, but here are a few ideas that you can do on a budget. Glowing Eyes What you need: Old toilet paper rolls, scissors, ..Read More »

Going NUTS over this year’s bumper crop?

A majestic oak (Quercus spp.) shade tree in your yard inevitably results in a bumper crop of acorns in late summer through fall. This adds up to a major mess on your lawn, in flower beds and on walkways. Acorns mean winter food for squirrels and other animals, which means they attract these nuisance foragers ..Read More »

Virginia Green’s Secret to Making Your Lawn Look Amazing

As I ride through neighborhoods in the Richmond area, I always notice and can pick out a Virginia Green Lawn. What makes Virginia Green’s lawns so dense and green? It’s simple really. The partnership we create with our clients goes above and beyond to ensure you to will have a Virginia Green Lawn. Every Step ..Read More »


This month our technicians will treat lawns and landscaping with the second application of the year as weather permits.  Lawn care application #2 is a liquid application of both pre and post-emergent weed control along with fertilizer.  This application will control and remaining winter weeds and continue to build a pre-emergent barrier to keep weeds ..Read More »


Our annual prepayment discount offer continues through February 21st, 2014.  Customers who wish to prepay for programs will receive a 7% discount.  Payments can be made by check or all major credit cards.  Don’t miss out on this money saving offer! This month our technicians will continue to pull soil samples.  Customers on our Premium ..Read More »


As we begin 2014 we have extended our annual prepayment discount offer to our customers who wish to prepay for the year for a 7% discount.  Payments can be made by check or all major credit cards.  This offer extends until February 21st, 2014. During this month our technicians will complete the soil sampling for ..Read More »