Reviews & Testimonials

Frederick C.,   23185

Competitive pricing and excellent customer service.  What separates them from the pack is their responsiveness and professional products they leave at the house after ever service.

Anne G.,    23221

I have used Virginia Green Lawn Service for many years and have been completely delighted with the quality of their service and their price.  They are a friendly bunch and a pleasure to work with.  They are highly responsive and responsible.  They always let me know in advance when they are coming to provide service .. that way if it is not convenient, I have time to let them know and make a change.  The cost of their annual service is quite reasonable.  I cannot recommend them more highly.

Gordon S.,    23803

A technician arrived in time frame. Friendly and courteous to me as he explained what he was going to do. Went to work immediately spraying the area with chemicals. I watched and he covered all of the area thoroughly.  The area treated is in a rural area surrounded by fields and forests, so keeping the weeds in control is a very difficult task. Our yard is weed free and looks great. I would recommend them.

Sally C.,      23229

Great. I have seen what they’ve done for lawns that looked just pitiful, like ours looked and how they have established a growth plan for them. They are very easy to deal with, very professional, I have no complaints about therm at all. I’m looking forward to work with them in the future.

Jeanne K.,    23226

They came and did it whenever it was due. I think they are fantastic. They are the best. I have had lawn care before and they are much superior.

Nancy W.,   23233

They did a wonderful job!

Peter L.,    23112

They come on time. Their billing is easy. They offer a discount if you sign up for the year. They offer good instructions to you. They told me not to cut my lawn so low and that really helped. After one year with them, my lawn looked so much better. Now after two years, it looks great!

Nancy W.,   23233

They provide all of the periodic treatments for my lawn and they show special care with it. Sometimes they come and back and repeat if they are not satisfied.

William G.,   23831

They really seemed to be above the best in the region in terms of quality and professionalism. We’ve watched other people and I have done lawn care work myself, and the Virginia lawn has the people that have the best things to say about them.

Robyn Y.,    23060

We can really tell the difference in our yard’s health and appearance, since using the company. We used another company for a full year and had only mediocre results. After using Virginia Green, our yard quickly became the prettiest on the block. That’s saying a lot in a neighborhood full of newly constructed homes with sod and irrigation.

Rich M.
Richmond, 23294

It suddenly occurred to me that I have been using Virginia Green for 10 years and over that time I have not seen a weed in my yard … in 10 years! Now, I just take it for granted. I don’t even know where my weed picker-upper thing is anymore.

John R.
Richmond, 23229

The knowledgeable staff at Virginia Green Lawn Care started taking care of my bluegrass lawn the day it was sodded! Since there are very few Bluegrass lawns in the Richmond area, I had to find somebody with the knowledge and experience necessary to maintain my investment. Virginia Green’s fungicide program saved my lawn and I did not even have to overseed.

Donald W.
Lanexa, 23089

Thanks for the service. It does not matter what the weather is- you can always count on the service.

Angie’s List, Martin B.
Midlothian, 23113

After an unpleasant and very unsatisfactory experience with another company, Virginia Green was an exceptional alternative. They do what they promise and do it well.

David K.
Richmond, 23233

I now have a new lawn care method, the “three check” method. First, write a check to Virginia Green Lawn Care, second, check lawn care off my-to-do list, and third, check out my neighbors checking out my yard.

Sean D.
Williamsburg, 23185

These guys really know how to grow grass! We have never been able to grow grass in our front lawn under the trees but after one season, we had a lawn. Now, four years later I am still with Virginia Green and can’t believe the results. Great job!

John D.
Colonial Heights, 23834

We moved from one neighborhood to another and the second call we made after getting the power turned on was to Virginia Green. They came out the next day and have transformed our lawn into a beautiful lawn in just eight months. Thanks Virginia Green.