Tree & Shrub Care Services

Virginia Green offers tree and shrub care services to help you maintain and care for your landscape's valuable assets. 

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Healthy Blooms While Preventing Damage

Virginia Green inspects and treats for insects, disease, and weather damage as a part of its comprehensive tree and shrub program. Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and deep root fertilization processes ensure that your ornamental trees and shrubs are protected against damaging insects and properly fed for growth and color.

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Integrated Pest Management

Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) ensure that your ornamental trees and shrubs are protected against damaging insects.

We provide a comprehensive and environmentally responsible approach to managing pests and maintaining the health of lawns. Learn more about our Pest Control Services.

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Deep Root Fertilization

We provide this specialized lawn care technique that involves injecting nutrient-rich solutions directly into the root zone of trees and shrubs, rather than applying them to the surface of the soil.

This process is typically used for woody plants and larger ornamental trees.

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Four Ways We Protect

Our certified technicians will pinpoint concerns and offer tailored recommendations to enhance the overall vitality of your landscape, ensuring top-tier tree and shrub care.


Tree & Shrub Diagnostics

Our certified technicians carefully diagnose tree and shrub diseases, recommend watering and pruning, and advise on new plant placement.

We look forward to partnering with you to make your entire landscape healthy and vibrant.


Disease Protection

With its hot and humid summers, Central Virginia provides an ideal environment for fungus to grow and injure your landscape. 

We know local plants and their potential diseases and will proactively apply materials to reduce infections.


Insect Protection

Insects can gradually deplete trees and shrubs, while rapid-chewing pests can harm foliage, resulting in the withering of plants or even an entire hedge. 

Virginia Green offers a comprehensive proactive plan for insect control, including monitoring and effective elimination of both existing and new infestations.



Virginia Green has formulated a specialized tree and shrub fertilizer designed to optimize plant growth and blossoming. 

Our expert technicians meticulously apply this formula, providing ongoing nourishment to your trees and shrubs throughout a ten-month period, fortifying them to endure challenging winter and summer conditions with robust health.


What Our Customers Say

Green grass on customer's lawn

Absolutely amazing lawn care service! They truly go the extra mile for their customers. Our lawn always looks amazing, and any questions or concerns I’ve had have always been addressed immediately. Truly a professional company. Highly recommend! 

Julie Gorsch
Dog on customer's green lawn

Never have I seen my lawn more green or full. I had Trugreen for 7 months and saw no difference in my lawn. After 2 applications with Virginia Green, my lawn looks amazing. Kudos to Virginia Green. The only downside is I have to mow it every week now as it is growing so fast. THANKS VIRGINIA GREEN!

Dustin White