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Stop fungal disease from eating your lawn alive.

Fungicide in turf

Understanding Lawn Diseases

During the summer, the combination of warm temperatures and high humidity creates a breeding ground for various lawn diseases, with fungal infections standing as a significant threat to lawns across the United States. Vigilant monitoring is essential to combat these diseases, particularly "brown patch" and "dollar spot," which are notably prevalent in our region. These fungal invaders thrive in such conducive conditions, launching their assault on the grass by breaking down plant tissue. As these diseases take hold, they progressively consume the living tissue of the grass plants, leading to irreversible damage and, ultimately, the grass's demise. Early detection and treatment are crucial in preventing these fungal diseases from gaining a foothold, ensuring your lawn remains healthy and vibrant throughout the season.

Rhizoctonia “Brown Patch”

Rhizoctonia, commonly known as "brown patch," is a fungal disease that thrives in warm, humid conditions, typically affecting lawns during the summer months. It manifests as circular patches of brown, dying grass that can range in size, often surrounded by a ring of dark, water-soaked grass. The disease attacks the grass blades and roots, leading to weakened, thinned areas susceptible to further stress and damage. Effective management includes proper watering, nutrients, aeration, and fungicidal treatments to prevent its spread and protect the lawn's health.

Brown patch affecting lawn


Clarireedia “Dollar Spot”

Clarireedia, often referred to as 'dollar spot,' is a fungal disease characterized by small, circular, sunken patches of straw-colored grass, about the size of a dollar coin, hence its name. It affects a wide range of grass types and thrives under conditions of high humidity, low soil moisture, and nutrient-deficient soils. The disease creates a distinctive appearance of tiny, bleached-out spots on the grass blades, which can coalesce into larger areas of damage under severe infestations. Managing Clarireedia effectively requires maintaining adequate soil moisture, balanced fertilization, and, the application of fungicides to prevent its spread and ensure the lawn remains healthy and vibrant.

Dollar spot affecting lawn


Peace of Mind and Prevention

Our strategy against lawn disease prioritizes prevention, ensuring it never becomes a concern. Estate customers benefit from four strategic treatments during summer's peak stress periods, designed to safeguard your lawn from potential threats. With two decades of dedicated research and specialized testing on our 300-acre research farm, we've refined our disease prevention products to offer unparalleled protection. Only the most effective solutions, proven through rigorous testing, are applied to our customers' lawns. By offering these preventative treatments, we're committed to securing your lawn care investment, keeping your lawn healthy and thriving without ever becoming a casualty to disease.

Lawn Programs


What to Expect with Disease Control Applications

Our fungicide treatments aim to halt and prevent lawn fungal diseases. While we offer single treatments for immediate problems, our Estate Lawn program's preventative approach guarantees optimal health.



If you're unsure about your lawn's health, our agronomists can quickly identify any disease. They'll evaluate your lawn with you, sharing tips on disease recognition and prevention. We aim to empower every customer with knowledge for a lush, healthy lawn.



After pinpointing your lawn's specific needs, our team will swiftly intervene to curb and forestall any disease from advancing. Early detection is key, enabling us to apply timely treatments for effective disease management.


Monitoring and Prevention

Keeping a watchful eye on your lawn is key to early threat detection. We rely on proactive preventative treatments, delivered to our estate clients during the summer months, to guarantee a disease-free lawn all season long.



Are Fungicide Applications Right for Your Lawn?

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