Soil Testing

Discover the secrets in your soil and revitalize it to superbness. 

Soil sample being taken from a yard

The Science Behind a Beautiful Lawn

Soil testing for lawns is a precise science that offers a peek beneath the surface to understand the health and composition of your turf's foundation. This crucial step involves extracting small soil samples from various points across your lawn to capture an accurate representation of its condition. These samples are then sent off to be meticulously analyzed in a third-party accredited lab, determining key factors such as pH levels, organic matter, and nutrient concentrations. The critical nutrients measured in our tests are phosphorus, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. This comprehensive analysis reveals the specific needs of your soil which directly impacts your lawn, enabling tailored solutions for fertilizer application, soil amendment, and optimal lawn care strategies. By basing lawn maintenance on solid scientific data, soil testing ensures your grass receives exactly what it needs to thrive, transforming your lawn into a lush, vibrant outdoor space.

Your Unique Soil Matters to Us

Choosing to test and know more about your lawn’s specific soil helps provide critical information to match its unique needs. Our partnership with a third-party accredited laboratory goes beyond mere numbers by interpreting data to understand the nuanced requirements of your lawn's ecosystem. With Virginia Green, you're not just getting a soil test; you're receiving a tailored, comprehensive plan that considers every aspect of your lawn's health — from nutrient management to pH adjustment. Our personalized approach ensures that your lawn receives precisely what it needs to flourish, avoiding the one-size-fits-all pitfalls of generic treatments. By focusing on the specific conditions of your soil, we help set the stage for a lush, resilient, and beautifully green lawn that is the envy of your neighborhood. This customized care, rooted in scientific precision, is what makes Virginia Green the ideal partner for achieving the vibrant lawn you've always desired.

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What to Expect with Soil Testing

Our in-depth analysis uncovers your soil's true needs with pinpoint accuracy.



Our team meticulously gathers soil samples from across your lawn, ensuring a precise snapshot of its overall condition. We then dispatch these samples to a certified third-party lab for detailed analysis, guaranteeing you the most accurate results.



As soon as we receive the test results, we deliver them straight to you, along with our expert recommendations. Our skilled agronomy team is poised to devise a precise action plan for your soil, aimed at elevating it to peak condition.



Based on your unique results and tailored plan, we collaborate closely with you to implement this strategy, securing a foundation of exceptionally fertile soil for your lawn. This commitment guarantees a stunning, lush lawn for your enjoyment.


Is Soil Testing Right for Your Lawn?

We're here to help you pinpoint the necessary services for your lawn. Gain a better understanding of your lawn's needs by completing our estimate form or by contacting us directly. 

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